elena murphy

rating system

My system of rating things is different than most. I don't like the star rating system because its different for everyone and on every website; I don't like the 1-10 rating system because it is harder to show some nuance.

My system goes from -5 to 5. Any number that is negative is a bad rating; any number that is positive is a good rating. Zero is true neutral.

For example, the perfect movie, Pride and Prejudice (2005), gets a 5 rating. In contrast, the worst movie in the world would get a -5 because it's terrible.


A five rating is the max rating something can get. It's well executed, interesting, original, and engaging. Any flaws it has are easily forgotten or excused by the rest of the experience.


A four rating is what most very good things are. It's an excellent piece of media, usually with one glaring flaw that can't be glossed over that bumps it down from perfect.


A three rating is something that is perfectly good for what it is, but doesn't do anything particularly special.


A 2 rating is something that has a few glaring flaws, but is an overall enjoyable experience.


A 1 rating is a guilty pleasure. Something that is objectively pretty bad, but its enjoyability overrides any other critique and still nets it a positive.

A 0 rating is true neutral. Just an "eh". It doesn't even get a rating scale.


A -1 rating is also a guilty pleasure, but the mirror version of one. It's something that is objectively good but completely unenjoyable.


A -2 rating is mediocre at best. It's uninteresting and has too many flaws to be good, but its not terrible.


A -3 rating is bad. It has more flaws than good things, but still manages to do or say something with what it has.


A negative -4 is pretty awful, but it has the minimum redeeming qualities to keep it from being the worst.


A negative -5 is the minimum rating possible. It's pure and utter garbage, plain and simple.