elena murphy



random superpower bot

complete ★ @superpower_b0t
A twitter bot that tweets out different superpowers listed on Powerlisting Wiki every few hours. Coded using Node.js, Cheerio, and Request-Promise.

villain generator

version 1.0 ★ generate here!
A random generator that spits out a fantasy villain for any RPG, D&D, or other various needs. Coded using Javascript and JQuery.

tabletop games

a good day to roll die

version 0.1 ★ download pdfitch.io page
Made partially as a joke and inspired by the Die Hard series of movies, A Good Day to Roll Hard is a Lasers & Feelings hack about fighting bad guys while trapped in a building.


version 1.0 ★ download pdfitch.io page
ONCE MORE is a GM-less, 3+ player game about relationships, saying goodbye, the inevitability of death, and the effects of war on those fighting. Made for the Emotional Mecha Jam 2019.

Hero High

version 1.0 ★ download pdfitch.io page
Hero High is a 4+ player game about superpowered teenagers going to high school and getting into shenanigans. Requires a GM, a d6, and interest in roleplay and discussion heavy gameplay. Made for the Roll To Craft Jam in 2019.


version 1.0 ★ download pdfitch.io page
Quickdraw is a GM-less, 2-player mini game that only requires a deck of playing cards and a timer. You and a friend play dueling cowboys, squaring off with six-shooters. It's a game of bluffing and quick strategy, made to last only 5-10 minutes per match.