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11 May 2019 / meta / monthly_updates / may / 2019

I’m one semester away from graduating from college and becoming a young professional, which means I need to start a blog. That’s what one does, when one is a creative person in the Internet age. So I spent a day building out my personal website—this site right here—to have a blog that I have full control over. I’m using Jekyll, which everyone with a Github pages webiste uses apparently.

It’s May, and I’m writing this from my Chicago apartment that is in the midst of a deep clean as I prepare it for a subletter (🤞). Life is pretty weird, being an adult-but-not-quite, and sometimes it hits me when I’m alone like this. This is my life now, even though I’m still technically a dependent, even though I know I’ll probably go back to Seattle after I get my diploma. Just, the idea of being a big girl and going to a 9 to 5 job every day for the rest of my life is… strange, to say the least.

Here isn’t the place to get existential, however. I’ll have plenty of blog posts to do that later. Here, I will lay out what this blog will be for me, and my reasons for making one in the first place.

This blog’s purpose is to:

  • Provide a place for me to post and track updates in my life that I’m willing to share and allow others to read.
  • Update people on my projects, as well as have a record of my progress for future validation.
  • Be somewhere I can potentially post future writing in a format that I can control.
  • Among other things…

My plan is to post an update at least once a month, as well as various other updates when I feel its necessary. Hopefully I can actually commit to this. I’ll start for the month of May here, with the sections below.


I’ve recently started drafting a new novel, and (🤞 x2) hopefully I’ll complete this one and see this project all the way through. It’s a sci-fi/speculative thriller, initially inspired by news stories like this one about rich people paying thousands of dollars for blood transfusions from young, healthy people. A lot of my worldbuilding involves the development of a Silicon Valley mirror that, instead of focusing on technology, focuses on biotechnology, specifically things like organ donation, cloning, genetics, and blood transfusions.

The working title is Blood Money. Currently, I’m only about 4k words into the first draft, but given I’ve only been writing for four days, that’s not bad.

game development

So far in 2019, I’ve created and published three tabletop rpgs. The first was once more and the second was Hero High, both made for different game jams. The links click through to their respective itch.io pages for more information. I also created Quickdraw, a 2-player game about dueling cowboys.

I currently am working on some pre-made modules for Hero High, but after that, I don’t have many plans. My upcoming internship will no doubt inspire some ideas, however, so we’ll see how I’m feeling in June.


I haven’t had the chance to do much reading outside of school assignments, but that should hopefully change in the next few months. My reading list for May includes Vengeful, Lady Macbeth, and This Cruel Design.

I also recently completed This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada. I may post a review here, maybe in a monthly wrap-up at the end of May of all the things I’ve read, watched, and played.


Expect maybe another writing update before the end of this month, if all goes well. Otherwise, I’ll see you at the end of May. Until then… ✌